Just watching the show all the times I’ve run it, I really want to remark on how much depth fulldome gets in the simulations. There is a definite “3d” feel even without real “3d.”

Recent licenses

Recent licenses, November -December 2012


Quotation: “When you are in the scene in the park and the spheres of that represent a cosmic web move across the screen, I’ve seen audience members duck.  And this is only in 2d yet the effect is similar to 3d.  Good demonstration of the immersive nature of fulldome.”


Quotation: “… leaves me and the audiences wanting even more. So I hope you and the rest of those who worked on the show will consider doing more. I can see a lot of work went into it. There are some really cool visual concepts that sure set it apart from many of the shows out there that are just so much visual fluff with nothing behind that.”

Early adoptors: now showing at …

Early adoptors to date, in case you wish to see if it is playing at a planetarium near you:

Dark – Shipping

Dark has started shipping, this includes both DVDs of QuickTime movies and 500GB USB drives to planetariums requiring the 4K frames and 5.1 sound track. We also have a music only sound track and script for planetariums who may wish to create local language versions.

Dark Update

The movie is finished, the trailer is done, now for the launch at Horizon Planetarium at Scitech, in Perth, Western Australia on Aug. 28th. Exciting.

We’re still putting details up here – including contacts for distribution. So bear with us. More soon.